Lalji Mehrotra Technical Institute (PVT ITI)

A Symbol of Total Education.

Job Advertisement

Application are invited for following Teaching / Non-Teaching post for ITI

Job Profile of Craft Instructor

Qualification :  Any of the following:

  • NTC/ NAC with CTI (CITS) with 3 years Industrial/ Teaching Experience in Relevant Trade. 
  • Diploma in relevant branch of engineering approved by AICTE with 2 years Industrial Experience in Relevant Trade. 
  • Degree with relevant branch of engineering approved by AICTE with 1 years /industrial Experience in Relevant Trade. 

Job Profile

Craft Instructor shall be a member of the Academic team to develop, co-ordinate and implement the institute program and job profile will include:

  1. Main Functional Area
    1. Organize, coordinate and to ensure the successful training in relevant trade (Theory and Practical).
    2. Preparing the trainees for the class using the basic of education psychology.
    3. Adoption of practices for motivation in teaching learning process.
    4. Read and understand NSQF compliant curriculum (NSQF format)
    5. Understand the job roles, learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
    6. Analyzing the syllabus – break up the syllabus and schedule of instruction with the time duration.
    7. Plan and preparation of instructional material required for imparting training includes lesson plan, question & questioning techniques, skill and basic elements, phases of skill learning & demonstration plan. 
    8. Preparation of written instructional material, operation sheet & job sheets, information sheets and assignment sheets. 
    9. Test and evaluate the trainees using different assessment techniques as per revised bloom taxonomy.
    10. Understand the rules of preparation of objectives type test items, assessment activities and assessment computers
    11. Evaluation of theory and practical test using Kirkpatrick evaluation model.
    12. Able to manage classroom teaching. Use of 5S concept and its application in laboratory, housekeeping and safety practices. 
    13. Able to make effective presentation using power point and other IT tools.
    14. Should know the application and care of digital camera & LCD projector.
    15. Application of internet teaching and learning. Different sources of E-content and application of smart/interactive board. 
    16. Should know the components of micro teaching for imparting effective training as per the best teaching and training practices. 
    17. Maintain the good relationship with the trainees and colleagues.
    18. Leadership in implementing Production Oriented Training scheme as per the directives of government.
    19. Any other duties assigned by Management/ Principal of the Institute time to time.

  2. Key Result Area
    1. Develop and maintain the standards for quality training.
    2. Credibility, acquiring expertise in building and cultivating positive, trusting relationship with the students.
    3. Sharing valuable information/ vibrant data to demonstrate your interest and energy for the subject.
    4. Understanding of emotions and connect with the feelings of the students.
    5. Building attitude inspirational kind and respectful, high level of professionalism.
    6. Dress professionally.
    7. Developing empathy with the students.
    8. Authority and enthusiasm in classroom and laboratory.
    9. Subject preparation, excited and enthusiastic presentation without nervousness.    
    10. Good leadership quality, with presentation skills.

  3. Key Performance indicator
    1. Monthly/ quarterly/ year wise results of students.
    2. Ensure successful placements of students after completion of course/ maintenance of follow up register.
    3. Active participation in mobilization of students during admission process, with special efforts for women candidates. 
    4. KPI for the craft instructors.
    5. Performance appraisal evaluation.
    6. Internal Resource Generation under POTs scheme as per target given to faculty by institute on yearly basis.
    7. E-Content development and maximum presentation in day to day classroom.

  4. Career Progression Pathway
    1. Can be promoted to Group Instructor in supervisory capacity or in any other Government/ Private Aided/ Un-Aided Institute. 
    2. Can be promoted to Vice Principal of the institute or can be selected in Government/ Private Aided/Un-Aided Institute. 
    3. Can be promoted to Principal or can be selected in Government/ Private Aided/ Un-Aided Institute.
    4. Principal can be promoted to Assistant Director in the Institute.  
    5. Can be promoted to Director of the institute.
    6. Can applied to MPSC/ UPSC for gazetted post in engineering services of the Government.