Lalji Mehrotra Technical Institute (PVT ITI)

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Courses – NSDC – CCTV Installation Technician

Qualification Pack –CCTV Installation Technician

Sector : Electronics

Sub Sector : IT Hardware

Occupation : After Sales Support

Reference ID : ELE/Q4605

Aligned To : NCO-2004/NIL

CCTV Installation Technician : Also known as “CCTV Installer” the CCTV Installation Technician is provides after sale support services to customers, typically, at their premises.

Brief Job Description : The individual at work is responsible for installing the CCTV system in the customer premises.  The individual understand the customer and site requirement, installs the camera and integrates the hardware for effective CCTV surveillance system functioning.

Personal Attributes : The job requires the individual to have : ability to build interpersonal relationships, patience, listening skills and critical thinking.  The individual must be willing to travel to client premises in order to install equipment at different locations.