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Courses – Draughtsman (Mechanical)

This course deals with the designing, fabrication, production, testing , supervision and manufacturing of electronic components, equipment and parts which are widely used in both private and public industries like Defence, Entertainment, Media, Satellite networks and all kinds of manufacturing industries.The course deals with the drawing & designing new parts, assembly, sections used in production and manufacturing industries, bridges roof structures, automobile, and allied industries, railways, ship building and `such other sectors.


  • Prepare drawing, design new partsesign and develops new electronic circuit
  • Assembly details section, knowledge of CAD/CAM


    • Drawing instruments and their uses.
    • Aligned and Unidirectional systems code of practice for general engineering drawing.
    • Symbols for line, conventional method of showing different metals and materials in section
      (e.g. steel, lead, glass, rubber, zinc, wood, concrete)
    • Conventional methods of showing different broken ends of shafts, round bars, pipes, wood. Symbols for various forms of welded joints as recommended by I.S.I., gears, springs common features.
    • Understand metals and non metals, ferrous metals.
    • Properties and uses of common metals cast iron, wrought iron steel, alloy steel, non ferrous metal.
    • Units and measurements, conversion of units, algebra, trignometry
    • Mensuration – area, volume of regular solids such as cube, cones, prisms, pyramids, cylinder, sphere. To find the area of simple plane figures like triangle, square, parallelogram etc. trigonometric rations-sine, cosine and tangent.
    • Creating & editing objects, layers color & lines Dimensioning & Tolerance , Blocks, Attributes & X-ref, Plotting & Printing , 3D Modeling
    • Different types of triangular thread terms like B.S.W., B.A. Unified metric, B.S.F., B.S.P. also square thread terms like acme, knuckle, buttress etc. Proportions of threads. Left hand and Right hand threads, multi start threads.
    • Types of bolts and nuts, type of screws, types of screw ends and heads, locking arrangements of fasteners, different locking methods, foundation bolts, eye bolts, Rag and Lewis foundation bolts.
    • Types of rivets and their proportions types of riveted joints e.g. lap joint, but joint, single or double riveted, single and double cover plates, failure of riveted joints.
    • Different terms related to spear such as pitch circle, tooth thickness, pressure angle, addendum, dedendum, circular pitch, diameteral pitch, module pitch etc. gear calculations.
    • Different gear systems and types of gear arrangement.

Career Pathways

  • Job opportunities as a Draughtsman in Engineering industry
  • Pursue Diploma in Mechanical Engineering by getting direct admission in 3rd semester/ 2nd year Additionally, CITS course

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  • LMTI Toppers
  • Testimonials
  • Juber Sayyad

    88% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Milin Gawas

    85.23% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Mehul Chitnis

    84.46% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Atul Firke

    90.15% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Sagar Kadam

    88.77% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Siddhesh Mahadik

    88.46% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Kunalsingh Chavan

    84.62% Electrician (2019)
  • Sanjay Jadhav

    84.31% Electrician (2019)
  • Shekhar Sanas

    83.85% Electrician (2019)
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  • I am really thankful to LMTI for the opportunities given to be placed not once but twice, in Bisleri and Tech Mahindra. LMTI gives us best practices to learn the technologies in Advance and also hands on experience according to techno... Devi Das
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