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Courses – NSDC

These are new courses approved by NSDC

  1. Solar Panel Installation Technician – ELE/Q5901
  2. CCTV Installation Technician – ELE/Q4605
  3. Filed Technician UPS and Invertors – ELE/Q7201
  4. Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician – ELE/Q8104
  5. Filed Engineer RACW – ELE/Q3105

Qualification Pack – Solar Panel Installation Technician

Sector : Electronics

Sub Sector : Solar Electronics

Occupation : Installation

Reference ID : ELE/Q5901

Aligned To : NCO-2004/NIL

Solar Panel Installation Technician : Also known as “Panel Installer” the Solar Panel Installation Technician is responsible for installing solar panels at the customers premises.

Brief Job Description : The individual at work checks the installation site, understands the layout requirement as per design, assesses precautionary measures to be taken, installs the solar panel as per customer’s requirement and ensures effective functioning of the system post installation.

Personal Attributes : The individual must have : ability to work in standing position for long hours, good physical strength to handle solar panels and willingness to work in outdoor settings at varied locations such as roof, tops, fields, urban or rural.

Qualification Pack –CCTV Installation Technician

Sector : Electronics

Sub Sector : IT Hardware

Occupation : After Sales Support

Reference ID : ELE/Q4605

Aligned To : NCO-2004/NIL

CCTV Installation Technician : Also known as “CCTV Installer” the CCTV Installation Technician is provides after sale support services to customers, typically, at their premises.

Brief Job Description : The individual at work is responsible for installing the CCTV system in the customer premises.  The individual understand the customer and site requirement, installs the camera and integrates the hardware for effective CCTV surveillance system functioning.

Personal Attributes : The job requires the individual to have : ability to build interpersonal relationships, patience, listening skills and critical thinking.  The individual must be willing to travel to client premises in order to install equipment at different locations.

Qualification Pack – Field Technician – UPS and Inverter

Sector : Electronics

Sub Sector : Industrial Electronics

Occupation : Sales and After Sales Service

Reference ID : ELE/Q7201

Aligned To : NCO-2004/7243.10

Also called, ‘UPS Repair Technician’, this is an after sales service job for installing and providing support to customers of different types of UPS and inverters. 

Brief Job Description : The individual at work installs the newly purchased UPS or inverter and also interacts with customers to diagnose problems in them, assesses possible cause, rectifies faults or replaces faculty modules or recommends factory repairs for bigger faults.

Personal Attributes : The individual must be willing to work in the field and travel through the day from one customers premise to another. Punctuality, amenable, behaviour, patience, good interpersonal relationship building, trustworthiness, integrity and critical thinking are important attributes for this job.  The person is also required to be capable of lifting heavy objects.  

Qualification Pack – Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician

Sector : Electronics

Sub Sector : Communication & Broadcasting

Occupation : After Sales Service

Reference ID : ELE/Q8104

Aligned To : NCO-2015 / 7422.2301

The Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician diagnoses problems and repairs the faculty module of the mobile phone. 

Brief Job Description : The individual at work is responsible for rectifying faults in the mobile phone brought in by the customer.  The individual receives the faulty mobile phone, diagnoses the problems, performs front end or hardware level repair as required, resolve software issues and ensures effective functioning before delivering back to customer.

Personal Attributes : The job requires the individual to have : attention to details, patience, ability to listen, steady hands, logical thinking and customer orientation.  The individual must work on desk with different types of equipement.  

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  • Juber Sayyad

    88% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Milin Gawas

    85.23% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Mehul Chitnis

    84.46% Refrigerator and AC Mechanic (2019)
  • Atul Firke

    90.15% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Sagar Kadam

    88.77% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Siddhesh Mahadik

    88.46% Electronic Mechanic (2019)
  • Kunalsingh Chavan

    84.62% Electrician (2019)
  • Sanjay Jadhav

    84.31% Electrician (2019)
  • Shekhar Sanas

    83.85% Electrician (2019)
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